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England moves ICC to limit the number of spin overs in a limited overs match

26, Sep 2012 By mehulmania

In light of the thrashing that England received in the group stage match between India and England, it is learnt that the ECB has approached the ICC to limit the number of spin overs in a limited overs match to 2 in a T-20 match and 5 in a 50 over format.

England have always been known to be poor players of spin bowling and it is learnt that they always had the plan of making this recommendation to the ICC. After the shocking loss to India by 90 runs, they decided that it was high time for the proposal to be submitted to the ICC.

This proposal from the England Cricket Board (ECB) has drawn the fury of all Asian cricket playing nations. Harbhajan Singh, who was understandably angry at this proposal tweeted, “If that is the case then there should also be a law that every fast bowler would be required to bowl atleast 3 underarm deliveries in every over so that the Indian batsmen, who are known to be poor players of the rising ball, would not face any problems.”

MS Dhoni, on the other hand, tweeted, “This is ridiculous. We anyways have a policy of playing only 4 bowlers. Now, if out of those 4 bowlers, if my spinners are allowed to bowl just 2 overs, how many overs will my part timers bowl?” It seems that Dhoni completely forgot the fact that all his part time bowlers too were spinners.

The English captain was quick to respond to this. “We understand Dhoni’s concerns and are ready to compromise on this issue. We can allow someone like Ashok Dinda to bowl 6 overs to compensate for the lesser overs from spinners so that Dhoni’s part timers are not required to bowl too many overs.” However, there are still doubts if Dinda is to be considered as a part timer or a regular bowler.

The proposal is under consideration from the ICC and is likely to be taken up for discussion in an emergency meeting that the ICC has organised this Saturday. “Going by the track record of the ICC to favour the non-Asian nations, the discussion looks like a mere formality and we are sure that the law will soon be implemented”, said a ECB representative who did not wish to be named.