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England cricket flag was found flying at half-mast at Michael Vaughan’s residence

03, Sep 2014 By krantikari_yeda

After his recent dig at Indian Cricket flag following the cricket’s team debacle in the test series, now Michael Vaughan has taken a dig on himself and England cricket team by hoisting their official cricket flag at half-mast in his residence.

Following the England cricket team’s dismal performance in the ODI series he has taken this drastic step and even went onto abuse the team via twitter. “He is doing it to gain publicity that’s it and wants to become the director of English Cricket team just like Ravi Shastri” said one of the English fan.

Michael Vaughan listening to “What Goes Around Comes Around”

When Faking News contacted Michael Vaughan he said, “Well that’s my style of showing the anger just to gain popularity and I want to be the controversy king of entire Europe. By posting these kinds of stuffs I have gained more popularity than playing cricket. My tweets make same kind of noise in Europe just like Ram Gopal Verma’s tweets in India.”

Meanwhile producers of Big Boss Season 8 have contacted Vaughan to participate in their popular show and increase the TRP by speaking idiotically throughout the season, though Vaughan has accepted the offer he have put a condition that Nasser Hussain should also made part of show as he is also an second expert in issuing sensible senseless comments.