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England Cricket Board may bring three Patels in the Team

02, Sep 2014 By khakshar

The Indian fans are back in huge numbers in one day internationals. Jalebis , Theplas, Khakras are the main munches  in the stands. The sale of packed  baked beans and fish & chips has reduced drastically.

The drop in sales of English snacks has baffled the English Cricket Board. It has demanded that BCCI  should pay some of the money to compensate. The ECB says that with drop in sales, its commission from snack sellers has fallen down considerably. It is a known fact that ECB asks hawkers to keep the price in line with Wimbledon to increase its commission.

Talking to Panna Bhai Patel, a British Passport holder in the stands during the 2nd ODI, one realized that the Gathias and Dhoklas are there to stay in cricket  stadiums.

Surrounded by an army of  Indian supporters, Panna Bhai was enjoying both upper and  lower  belch (Dhakar) at ease. The sound of the lower one even superseding  the sound of Lord Jadeja’s ball hitting the timber. It was not clear that how The face of Mr. LongFellow, the lone English sitting in those parts of stands became longer. It seemed that both Jadeja’s bowling and Panna Bhai’s special sounds had similar effect on the Pom.

On question of they being English now and supporting India, Falgun Shah got irritated. “What is MultiCulti when you can’t even answer nature’s call in your own culture,”  she said.  Mr.LongFellow’s face seemed to fall further, his eyes seemed to imagine Indian Rail tracks. She whispered “See, the snobbery in demanding for Fresh English air,” pointing to Longfellow’s hand on nose. “Face Palm Fellow”.

Ms. KumKum Behn was more forthcoming. She said that till the English selectors pick three Patels or Shahs in the team, they will continue to boo the English Cricket team. Only this could nullify the push-pull effect on their Jamnagar son, Lord Jadeja.

The Lone Ranger “LongFellow”  Kept himself away from Patel Natural Sounds at Nottingham 3rd ODI.