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ENG ready to retun Kohinoor for a match victory in this cricket tour

21, Jan 2017 By rofl gujju

Geneva: India and England will play their 3rd ODI in Kolkata in India and at the same time representative of both the side pact deal thousands of miles far from India, in Geneva. Faking news reporter break this exclusive news that England is ready to return Kohinoor diamond.

Kohli making fun of English Cricket Team
Kohli making fun of English Cricket Team

As per the sources, the English and the Indian official entered in talked just after the humiliating defeat of England in Pune and Cuttuck ODI where English failed to defend genetic score of 300+. On the same night Indian high rank official flew to Geneva to negotiate the deal. As per the FN sources, negotiation took long time as English also wanted a wicket of the Virat Kohli well before his half century while the Indian negotiator did not want to promise it.

Faking news London bureau already hinted to HQ of FN that, ENG was thinking something big to get a match victory in this cricket tour to India. After the humiliating defeat in test series, English cricket board hoped that the change in color and captain would also change the luck of British but that didn’t happen. Cricket is matter of the prestige for the English and to save it, they get ready to return Kohinoor diamond to India.

As per FN sources, India decided to play with the under 19 team against England in 3rd ODI. This will keep the promise to ENG to get back Kohinoor and Under 19 team will get quite good exposes to International cricket.