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Duncan's donuts behind Indian fielders dropping catches

03, Mar 2014 By Pravs

Dhaka, Bangladesh: In a top-secret leak from Indian cricket team dressing room in Dhaka, where they are playing against their Asian brethren for the subcontinent-supremacy, a startling revelation has come out.

It is told that off late Indians have been dropping far too many catches in the field. This was seen during the recently concluded SA and NZ series as well. BCCI bosses strictly instructed Indian coach Duncan Fletcher to do something about it.

Mine catch, mine catch ... shit!
Mine catch, mine catch … shit!

So taking a cue from famous coach Ramakant Achrekar’s legend, of giving a coin to Sachin for being not-out in every session, Fletcher devised his own plan to improve India’s poor catching habits.

He announced that the one who would take maximum catches in a match would get a treat from him at Dunkin Donuts at end of every match. Man of the series will get Dunkin’s 6-donut pack and will be called “Duncan’s Tough Guy”. It is reported that Indian players got highly motivated with this scheme and are reportedly competing among themselves for the Tough Guy title!

It has reportedly become a mustache-question for the players and they are putting in everything to held, snatch catches or even make others drop them if they can’t. Now this answers that why Indian fielders have been so desperate to catch the cricket ball that they have been running into each other repeatedly. Yes they have been trying to up their donut score for the big title, but instead the distraction of donuts has made their fingers pop out even dollys.

Our catching expert Piyush Chawla from KXIP who himself holds the record for maximum drops in IPL has asked Fletcher for the post of specialist catching coach for Indian team. As Edison would have said “He knows thousands of ways to not catch a ball”. That is Duncan’s next big plan!

By the way, Dunkin… err Duncan will announce at end of Asia Cup which is his favorite Donut! Till then enjoy the spectacle of the catching contest between the Indian fielders.