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Dramatic turn of events, Kolkata set to root for West Indies on Day 2

07, Nov 2013 By iamric

The cricket world is abuzz with news revolving Sachin and his last two test matches. Yesterday someone reported an event that had Sachin as a chief guest.

The report contained information correct to milli litres of water that Sachin drank during the event. Now to spoil the smile on the readers face, something of grave concern was reported the night of the first day of Sachin’s penultimate test.

At the end of day one of first test, both Indian openers are unbeaten and none of the Caribbean bowlers seemed to trouble them. Although it may seem to be a good news to average sane cricket fans, some fans saw reasons to worry in it.

They foresaw that Shikhar Dhawan And Murali Vijay may remain unbeaten throughout the innings at least and throughout the match at most, hence giving the crowd no chance to watch the maestro bat.

Frightened that their hard earned, and even harder spent Rs 500 might go in vain, the residents of Kolkata came up with mind-boggling solutions.

First of all text messages containing threats were sent by thousands of people to the Indian openers. Even their¬†Facebook¬†and twitter profiles were bathed in profanities. Dhawan and Vijay have been allowed just one more over’s stay at the crease by the text-senders. Though the team management has refused to comment on this, the seriousness of the threats were evident from the constipated looks on the faces of the aforementioned cricketers.

Some texts were also sent to Virat Kohli, asking him to become the team representative of the text-senders. Reportedly, he has been tipped to act as a medium between the text-senders and the openers. He has been allowed to use choicest slangs and insults on Dhawan and Vijay on their behalf and go to the extent physical assault if necessary.

Not sure if their Rs 500 would be waived, the text-senders went a few steps further. They raided the Internet for hours and hunted down videos of dismissals of Dhawan and Vijay. All those videos were sent to Tino Best and other bowlers. They were encouraged to bowl the openers out as soon as possible.

The text-senders have also vowed to carry two sets of placards and posters to second day’s play. The first set understandably for Sachin. The second set would grace the Eden Gardens from the start of play tomorrow. Those placards would be decorated with hate speeches. As I write this, the text-senders are working on their chants to encourage the West Indies and discourage Dhawan and Vijay.

West Indies skipper Darren Sammy, who happens to be an avid fan of Parineeti Chopra and Varun Dhawan, commented on this bizarre incident via WeChat, “This is an excellent example of unity through sports. We thank the Kolkata crowd to finally notice us. Hopefully the same would happen at Wankhede.

Tino (Best) has personally asked me to thank the people of Kolkata for saving him from getting smashed around the park any further. Also we do understand that if we dismiss Sachin too early, the tables will turn against us. I have brought this point to the boys’ attention at tonight’s emergency team meeting. Expect something new tomorrow.”