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Divorce lawyers hopeful of doing good business during IPL season!

16, Apr 2015 By Ransa

Mumbai: After suffering from great losses during the cricket world cup 2015 divorce lawyers are hopeful that they will be able to make up for some of their losses during the IPL. One of our reporters spoke with leading divorce lawyer Mr. Natwarlal to get more insight on this issue. Mr Natwarlal stated that “World cup is generally our peak earning season as during that time married men who are usually tongue tied are somehow able to gather the courage to fight for the TV remote to watch the world cup matches. To top it all, the match timing clashes with the prime time TV dramas (Daily soaps) and this results in clashes leading an evident increment in divorce application, which results in good business for us”.

Couple Fighting for TV Remote Control
Couple Fighting for TV Remote Control During IPL

“In 2011, I was able to buy a new flat and a car just because of the business during the world cup. However this year the world cup matches were happening at such odd timings that there were no overlapping of the time. Hence, our business dropped down drastically. I didn’t account for the timings in advance hence thought that I would be making a lot of money during world cup. I promised my wife a diamond necklace but things went down south. Trust me the condition was such that I was about to get divorced myself but was somehow able to cling onto my marriage after taking a favor from a diamond seller whose divorce was finalized by me”.

“IPL has come as a ray of hope in our life as people still have world cup fever and especially employees would love to make up for their lost matches due to office timings during world cup.  The IPL comes at perfect timing and clashes with the prime time daily soaps. The franchises has roped in the key players like Sachin and Dravid  as support staff/Mentors to get more viewers. I am hopeful I would be having an average of 40-50 divorce cases and this will help in improving my average to 20 divorces per month.”

Attention all married guys! Please think it through before you fight for that remote. Your one mistake could result in you losing a buck load of money and could be reason for Mr. Natarwlal’s wife getting a new diamond necklace!