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Dhoti declared as official dress for FIFA World Cup 2018

06, Aug 2014 By jodilogik

Recently, the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association Club at Chepauk, Chennai, refused admission to a sitting judge from the High Court. Apparently the sitting judge (who was actually standing when he tried to enter the club), was wearing a dhoti and it was against the club’s rules regarding proper attire for members.

The colonial attitude displayed by the club, created a wave of anger and resentment against the club all over Tamil Nadu and Kerala where dhoti is the preferred dress for men and women of all ages. This rather unfortunate incident literally ripped through the fabric of the society.

However, no one could predict what happened next. The revolutionary legislators of Tamil Nadu and Kerala joined hands and decided to teach Cricket a lesson. They convened an extraordinary Joint State Assembly Session – the first ever such session in independent India, to pass a resolution to make Football the official sport of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

They also forced FIFA Organising Committee to declare dhoti as the official dress for the World Cup 2018 in Russia. This was made possible by the support extended by our Russian friends who are already investing heavily in Tamil Nadu by building Nuclear Reactors.

Speaking to reporters, Vladimir Putin declared that not even the Siberian cold front can stand in the way (or go between the legs) of our sportsmen when it comes to the friendship and solidarity we have between Russia and the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. He also suggested that the losing teams will have a face-saving option to cover their face completely with their dhotis and leave the football stadium without showing their faces.

AIADMK party workers erected giant billboards in Tamil Nadu depicting a Dhoti clad Vladimir Putin  bowing to Madam Chief Minister.

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