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Dhoni slams Root for batting for too long

18, Aug 2014 By Anil Sharma

London: In an another controversial statement team India’s captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni slammed English batsman Joe Root for batting for too long in the last test of the Investec series.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is known as “Captain Cool” for keeping his calm in tough situation lost his cool in the after-match press conference where he reproved Joe Root at the most.

MS Dhoni
“He is an idiot”

“Joe Root and Alastair Cook both conspired against us as Cook didn’t declare the innings even after taking a 100 runs lead and Root batted for way too long just to kill our one extra day of rest we could have had simply by getting all-out in the last session yesterday. They just ruined our one day. They don’t know how to behave with the guests. We’re getting old and it takes longer to rest than to get tired for us nowadays,” Dhoni said furiously.

“We, on the other hand have shown a great spirit. There were news of bad weather for the last 2 days in the 4th test but we played as badly as we could ┬áto get all-out on that very 3rd day just to make sure that the deserving team wins the game with pride,” Dhoni further added.

“Love of money and Joe is the Root of all evil.” Dhoni went on to add.

Meanwhile, star batsman Virat Kohli, who is scoring so many ducks nowadays (including Anushka after her lip surgery), is also not happy with the criticism he is facing after the humiliating performance in all the 5 matches.

Virat blamed both the Zimbabwean coaches of the team for his poor show on the field.

“Our fielding coach, Trevor Penney, made us practice catching all day long. So, I decided that I’ll do to the white guys what this white guy Penney is doing to us,” Kohli told our reporter.

“It was Duncan Fletcher who told me to try and leave the ball as much as possible and I did just that when I was fielding in the slip-cordon,” Virat Kohli explained.

When asked about the positive outcomes of the series Virat said, “Well, not many but we did share a great laugh when in 4th test Dhoni bhai after winning the toss said that he is happy that England will be batting in the 4th inning.”