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Dhoni resigns, Ravindra Jadeja to be next Indian Captain

23, Dec 2012 By Ribtickler

In a surprising move, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has resigned from being captain of Indian Cricket team with immediate effect.

Addressing a press conference, Dhoni said that the move is personal and will help him spend more time with his family. When asked if the series defeat to England was the actual reason behind his decision, Dhoni said that the real culprit behind the defeat were Global warming and Harbhajan Singh. “Global warming is increasing temperatures in England, making their players easily adjust to Indian conditions. Also, most of English batsmen had belted Harbhajan Singh to all corners of the cricket ground in the last edition of English County making them very confident to face Indian spinners”.

Faking News learnt from trusted sources that the real reason behind Dhoni’s decision is that he is upset over Pidilite not making him the Brand Ambassador of ‘Fevicol’ despite being captain of India for the past five years and hence he has decided not to ‘stick’ any longer to the high profile role. In an endorsement deal in Mumbai yesterday evening, Fevicol announced Tendulkar as its brand ambassador for the next ten years as their management feels that Tendulkar ‘s unwillingness to retire goes well with its taglines – ‘Pakde rehna, chorna nahin’ and ‘Yeh Fevicol ka majboot jod hai, tootega nahin’.

Meanwhile Saurashtra all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja who was already surprised over his selection to the squad is in a state of shock after being informed about the decision by BCCI. ‘Two triple centuries – enough to eclipse my years of inconsistency and now I am the captain of Indian cricket team’ he tweeted.

The rise of Jadeja to the most coveted position in Indian cricket is also being seen as a decision influenced by Narendra Modi. Faking News learns that the BCCI debated on two candidates: Narendra Modi backed Jadeja and Rahul Gandhi backed Virat Kohli. Altough based on recent performances and form, Kohli was the favorite to take the new job, Modi’s acumen and influence tilted the votes in Jadeja’s favor. A senior BJP leader said that, “This is the last nail in the coffin from Modi to Rahul and some of his friends in Delhi who were dreaming of a victory in Gujarat polls”. Though Kohli who will now be the vice captain of the team looked disappointed, Rahul Gandhi was happy despite the loss. “The No 2 spot is what I fight for these days!” he said to the media after the meeting.

Faking News wishes luck to Jadeja on his future endeavors and may Indian cricket get back to its golden days under his tenure.