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Dhoni: How he came into being

12, May 2015 By rsingh1792

With Chennai Super Kings whipping-asses of other IPL teams and Ziva saying her first words, Dhoni seems to be having the time of his life. He clearly seems to define the saying ‘Rags to Riches’.

Coming from a small town like Ranchi, he never imagined that he would reach to such heights. He still remembers the time when he was first handed a bat and instead of using it to hit a ball, he had used it to rotate a cycle tire on the road while screaming ‘Hudd! Hudd! Hudd!’. He wouldn’t have learned the actual use of a bat if it weren’t for Sudhir Kumar Choudhary, who had so intensively stalked Sachin that he even knew his underwear size.

Surakshit Kaale Mere Baal...
Surakshit Kaale Mere Baal…

After Sudhir had taught him the actual use of a cricket bat, Dhoni realized that hitting cricket balls with the bat was much more fun than rotating tires with it. And so he started playing cricket.

He also used to play other sports like football and badminton and even claims that TV advertisements have been copying his way of practicing goalkeeping – preventing chickens from entering the coop. He says that he was  so good at goalkeeping that his football coach thought that it would not be fair for him to play football with other kids who were apparently not as good and hence he forced him to play cricket for the local cricket club.

But cricket was not to become his primary sport of interest until one day, while going through an article under the Sports column of ‘Prabhat Khabar’, he learned that BCCI was the richest cricket board in the world and cricketers are much more revered in India than any other sportsmen.

And that day he decided to make Cricket his primary sport of interest. On being asked that why did he choose to have longer hair during his early cricketing days, he said that it was not on purpose but was because of a contract he had signed with ‘Vasemol’ to promote their ‘Kesh Kaala’ oil that he had to keep longer hair.