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Dhoni gives Sachin a rest day

14, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Mumbai. M S Dhoni won the toss and decided to bowl. While the commentators believed that India should have batted first to take advantage of the conditions, Dhoni had other plans. He had decided to give Sachin a rest day.

Sachin was busy attending felicitations, parties, farewell speeches over the last week. There were various reports in the media that he was tired.

Sachin tired of all this?
Sachin tired of all this?

“This is a Sachin farewell series and you can’t analyse the pitch and conditions to arrive at a decision”, said Dhoni. “The team’s only consideration was Sachin”.

“Our team physio told me that Sachin requires a day’s rest. Initially, I contacted BCCI to postpone the test by a day. BCCI did not see too much of an issue but they were of the opinion that another day would mean more functions for Sachin to attend. Therefore, I decided it was best to bowl first. I had practiced a lot for the toss and had gone to my god’s temple in Bandra (Mumbai) to offer my prayers before the toss,” he added.

Dhoni said he would be happy if the West Indies make Sachin bat twice. He added that if India batted first, Sachin may have got only one opportunity to bat. Faking News has heard that Dhoni had asked his bowlers to concede at least 350 runs in the first innings. Specific instructions were given to Shami. He has been asked to go easy on the West Indies and focus to conceding the odd boundary every over.

Dhoni, however, did acknowledge that the West Indies might not share his concerns and may get Sachin to bat on Day 1 itself.