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Dhoni criticized for not scoring 38 runs in the last over

11, Sep 2014 By fullbloodedwallop

In a thrilling T-20 encounter last night vs. Srilanka, Indian Cricket team Captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni could not finish the job of scoring 38 runs required in the last over. It followed a furious lashing out by the cricket ‘experts’, critics, Facebook troll pages and armchair warriors. According to a former cricketer ”This was not at all a difficult task, with the kind of experience and reputation MSD has, he could have easily forced the bowler to bowl some no-balls or wides and simply hit sixes of the remaining deliveries. He has let us and the country down”.

What infuriated the fans even more was that after hitting sixes of first 2 balls, he denied a single to ‘Sir’ ( who was on the non-strikers end) on the 3rd one. ¬†Nikkama Sartaj , a proud owner of a Facebook troll page with over a million likes told our reporters that,” Sir has a reputation of chasing such targets with ease. I still remember that glorious day when he won a match in IPL 2013 even after getting caught off a mean bouncer by RCBs speedster R.P. Singh, as it later turned out to be a no-ball. My page got 10,000 likes on that day alone, he chirped with excitement”

However, Dhoni is not new to such criticisms, in the past he has been criticized for playing a hand in early retirements of senior players like Saurav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar, who all retired at the ages of 36,39,38 and 40. ”Of course the Fab-four were great and could have easily played another 10-12 years, especially GOD. That’s why I will always hate Dhoni ”, said Sunil ‘Sachinist’ Sharma with tears in his eyes.

Dhoni’s batting in tests has also often come under heavy scrutiny. Many of the experts and fans have labelled him as ‘not fit for tests’ or ‘non-test material’ . ” If you see the traditional Indian wicket-keepers, Syed Kirmani ( 27.04), FM Engineer( 31.08), NR Mongia (24.03), KS More( 25.70), PA Patel( 29.69) KD Karthik( 21.34) , A Ratra(18.11) MSK Prasad( 11.77), SS Dighe ( 15.66) and many others, Dhoni’s average of 38.46 is atrocious”, screamed a much-renowned critic. ”The fact that even the overseas of average of Dhoni( 33) is better than all of the above mentioned keepers adds further substance to the fact that Dhoni is not a proper keeper batsman in tests” , he elucidated the matter further.

Our sources have also gathered that Indian Selectors are looking for Wicket-keepers who can average anything between 10-30 in domestic cricket. ”Presence of such proper keeper-batsmen forces the top-order to bat with more responsibility which is now missing in Dhoni era” , preached one of the selectors.

In the Press conference when Dhoni was asked about the reactions of fans, he explained with calmness, ” Well Of course, I have always believed in the process and today also I was not worried about the results as I thought denying Jadeja the strike will only make him stronger and more hungrier for success”. ¬†Upon being asked about his admittance of ‘feeling happy to be the punching bag of team, he smirked, ” Ever Since I have said that, people are flexing their muscles at the drop of hat to punch”.