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Dhoni convinces BCCI to hire Digvijay Singh as CRO (Chief Reasoning officer)

10, Dec 2013 By drkaushikde

BCCI hired Digvijay Singh as CRO (Chief Reasoning Officer ) for the Indian Cricket team on an immediate basis on the insistence of Mahendra Singh Dhoni from South Africa.

Digvijay now making his name in cricketing circles.
Digvijay now making his name in cricketing circles.

Speaking on it, Dhoni said ” After the 2nd ODI, I came back to watch (Sidhu explain the match)match highlights on the news channels, only to find Digvijay Singh explaining that Rahul Gandhi was not responsible for the poll results & was pretty convincing. So I called Srini uncle , I mean BCCI president explaining him that I couldn’t blame ICC rules, 2 balls etc forever. Even Ishant is upset with me blaming him, which convinced him.”

Srini immediately contacted Rahul baba, who was watching “Aap mujhe acche lagne lage” errr… was introspecting the poll results & impact of the AAP on national politics , & asked him to spare the Services of Digvijay Singh for the BCCI. Rahul immediately agreed as Diggi has nothing to do errr… in interest of the nation & greater good.

On his first interaction with Srini, Diggy Raja impressed him by associating the current form of Indian cricket team with faulty policies of Modi. He conducted a press conference & demanded a resignation of the West Indies Bowling coach as he had failed to provide practice to the Indian batsmen against short pitch bowling. He also blamed the commentators as their negative opinion about the Indian batsmen handling short pitch bowling as responsible for the batting woes.

Meanwhile, in WICB in order to prevent a problems like Haroon Largot had with BCCI & prevent the economy of West Indies ( IPL contracts of the West Indies players) from collapsing decided to hire Henry Olango as the bowling coach of the last India tour. It was later decided to fire him for not doing a proper job.

Meanwhile, Dhoni congratulated his opponents & said ” Hum bhi dekhenge ki Aap ne kya kiya hai‘. Meanwhile Prince Kohli said that he will launch an aggressive reforms in the team to rejuvenate the team”