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Dhoni blames younger brigrade for abysmal win over Pakistan

22, Mar 2014 By Nat

Dhoni, who has of late picked up a penchant for breaking records consistently, sounded distinctly distraught in the post match conference after the win over Pakistan in the T20 WC opener.

The team had come into the tournament as firm favorites in losing whatever dignity they carried. As Dhoni returned to captain India, he thanked his vice captain Virat Kohli for not picking any winning vices and setting the scene with disastrous performances in the Asia Cup.

He was proudly confident that the team had enough match practice and study of the pitches and that he could add further ignominies to his recent list of achievements which include being the most successful captain to lead India to maximum defeats overseas, bringing back the biggest ODI series loss in NZ, giving equal opportunities to all nations in getting a pound of the Indian flesh.

Indian Cricket Team
Dhoni missed Ishant badly.

Pre match, he looked his optimistic self to lead India to their first defeat against Pakistan in a World Cup match and had geared up Raina, Rohit and Ravindra as his three rear guard crew members. In the field, he was ably assisted by senior member Yuvraj who gave a stellar performance with the ball giving away 13 runs in the one over he bowled, with a dropped catch in the field, and with his wonderfully listless batting. However, the younger contingent pretty much brought back the horror of actually performing.

Raina did clarify that while his catching was intentional so as to represent teams outside CSK, he also personally felt cheated by his solid batting. Rohit was at loss of words on how he scored in a consequential match.

However nothing could placate Dhoni for the disappointment of his two prime stalwarts ditching him in his hour of need. Amit Mishra rued his lost opportunity through his two wickets, but acknowledged his enlightenment on why he gets so few chances.

Bhuvi had a special mention from his captain for continuing his free fall from the initial wonder he was trying to become. Hearing this, Shami could not hide his disappointment, given he gave away more runs. Jadeja pointed out that this was the price he had to pay for the mistake of fetching the wicket of Pak top scorer Umar Akmal.

Dhoni closed the session thanking Yuvraj for the one silver lining in amply emphasizing the need to not dump elders. He was last seen contacting Srini to check if Sehwag could be roped in.