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Dhoni blames expectation of people for failure

09, Dec 2012 By kaba

Kolkata: The ongoing test series has led Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni to admit that the team is weak after the retirement of Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman.

In an exclusive interview with Faking News, MSD said, “They were the great pillars of Indian cricket and in the past I could blame them for the defeats but since their retirement I am running out of options. Sachin has also performed, so I can’t blame anyone. I am running out of options and would like them to return.”

He also blamed the burden of expectation is too much, “People need to expect the same things from as they do from the politician i.e. Nothing. We can’t even play 90 overs, leave alone winning. This was never a revenge series, if we wanted revenge we would have left Bhajji and Sidhu in England.”

He further added, “I can’t sometimes fulfill the expectations of my wife, the whole nation is just impossible!”

MSD has further asked BCCI to mend some rules for test matches. He wants the test matches to be reduced from 5 days to 4 days so that India gets a chance to draw it. The venues selected should have a chance of rainfall as otherwise playing the whole test gets tiring.

He also mentions that any player run out by Gambhir should get a second chance to get out themselves. He says “Gambhir is not playing it fair, he is not allowing the other batsmen to get out on their own. India is a democratic country and so is the Indian team, everyone has a right to get out themselves.”

Dhoni has further asked for an expert panel to be set for Indian curators so that they can be monitored and make pitches according to his demand and fancy. He has also requested Inzama-ul-Haq to become India’s running and fielding coach and Navjot Singh Sidhu to take special motivation course.

He says “Sheery Paaji’s talks have always led us to perform better, the threat that if the team doesn’t perform they will have to take a whole day session has already charged up the boys.” Coach Duncan Fletcher was seen agreeing with Dhoni and was nervous when Sidhu’s name was mentioned.

Meanwhile Dada was unhappy with MSD’s comments on RD and VVS. “How come Rahul and Laxman can get a chance while I am ignored? I have been blamed a lot for the Indian team’s failures, I should be considered a top priority” said an agitated Ganguly. Mamta Banerjee supported Saurav Ganguly and has declared a band and as always asked the government to reconsider on FDI.

Further Digvijay Singh commented “The failing of team India was because they thought that UPA would loose the motion to pass FDI, but now that FDI is coming they can expect more endorsements in the future, thereby getting a new incentive to perform.” After listening to Digvijay Singh’s comment MSD was relieved and left for a meeting regarding product placement for his new racing team.