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Dhoni asks BCCI to include 'Shukla Parivaar' for the rest of the series against England

27, Nov 2012 By rishabhgupta

After asking the curators to change the behavior of the pitch, MS Dhoni has now asked BCCI selectors to include ‘Shukla Parivaar’ for the next 2 tests against England. In addition, Dhoni will also ask English batsmen to play with Pianos, Guitar, Drums, and Brass instead of bat and ball, as ‘Shukla Parivaar’ is the master of playing these musical instruments.

If you don’t know who Shukla Parivaar is, this family won a musical program named, “Band Kshetra”, where participants from India and England competed against each other by playing Musical Instruments like Piano, Guitar, Drums, and Brass, thus bringing huge pride and respect to the country. Though when we asked the common people about how proud they are of Shukla Parivaar, everyone had the same answer, ‘We don’t know anything about this show. We’re hearing about it for the first time’.

Meanwhile, a Sports channel finally discovered that Shukla Parivaar really did exist, and urged the family to perform for an advertorial of India-England Test Series. This was the first time Shukla Parivaar came into spotlight.

Since then, Indian skipper MS Dhoni has been continuously approaching BCCI to select them for the rest of the series, as he thinks that it is the only chance left for India to beat England. “Well, ofcourse! After we were caught in our own web of spin in the second test, I think it’s the only chance for us to dominate England. The presence of Shukla Parivaar in the team for the rest of the series will be a big boost for us, and that’s why, I’ve been continuously pleading approaching BCCI to include them”, Dhoni was quoted as saying.

When we asked what Shukla Parivaar has to say on this, they said, ‘We’re pretty happy. Now we have a chance to display our talent on a big stage. We would like to thank MS Dhoni for this’. When we asked them if the Government is honoring them for the pride they brought to the country, they said that their relatives have written a letter demanding Bharat Ratna for them, and are waiting for the reply now.