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Deonarine and Sammy are denied annual contracts by WI Cricket Board

16, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Coming in a shocker WI cricket board has announced that Deonarine and Sammy are knocked out of their annual contract list. The chief of WI cricket board told Faking News “the board is quiet upset with the duo’s involvement in taking Sachin’s wicket in Wankhede test. It is a clear violation of disciplinary norms of the board. Every player sent on India tour has been clearly instructed not to involve in any act that upsets Sachin Tendulkar and we have witnessed what Sammy and Deonarine had done despite the instructions”

Further investigation by the reporter revealed that the WI cricket board was paid a ransom by the BCCI including the 10 million INR bonus given to each of the WI players currently touring India. This is not the end of it; reportedly BCCI promised to give a huge amount of money to WI cricket board if everything goes as per the plan. The WI cricket board fears that the infamous act of Deonarine and Sammy might spoil the deal and hence the board delisted the duo from their annual contract list in order to pacify the BCCI.