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Cristiano Ronaldo's welcome to Gareth Bale

02, Dec 2013 By Avi

Hey there, Gareth!!

Listen up, being the noob in the dressing room, u gotta follow some rules  as part of the ragging!!

1- You refer to me by the same name as others do- “boss”. 2- Always make way for me when I cross you. 3- If we two are in a goal scoring position, you simply pass on the ball to me. 4- You are not allowed to sprint or dribble faster than me on the pitch. 5- Don’t even think about taking  free-kicks or penalties when I am on the field. 6- You cant borrow my hair gel  its very expensive, and looking at the amount of gel you use, I would never lend it to you. 7- Check air in my car tires every morning before practice.

Now as the ice has been broken, feel free to speak to me whenever you please.. 🙂 .. .. .. wait… .. ..

Now as i say this , I don’t think its necessary for you to speak to me, unless you feel the gratitude to say thanks for the uncountable times i’ll assist you in matches or for the rare occasions i give you a lift home.

N yeah, Never dare  brag your 100m euro-price tag in front of me, because, as polite as i am, i would have to hesitatingly mention that i have won the World Player of the Year, Ballon d’Or, premier league, and whatnot, n u haven’t moved any mountains yet!!

Don’t get too stirred-up by your price tag  because your presumably dull performances, and eventual-constant booing from Madrid fans will let yourself know your actual worth.

Hell, we’ve started on such a good note!! Kudos to me, i am so approachable, amiable and benevolent!!

Now cheer up n smile for the cameras!!