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Cricketers complain of too much rest, demands mini IPL

13, Aug 2013 By Suvo Palit

In a never heard before scenario, Indian cricketers have been complaining about too much rest. Some of the senior cricketers have said, on conditions of anonymity, that the “huge” break between the Zimbabwe series in end of July and the Australia series from 10th October is actually posing a major threat to the health of the players. It was later clarified that the players meant ‘financial’ health when they said this.

Worldwide there is a growing trend to blame hungry sponsors and greedy boards of  exploiting sports persons by crowding their calendar. This is the first time that a charge of ‘too much rest’ has been levied by any group of players at the highest level of a game.

Sources close to the captain of the team has even come to know that the king is bored and unhappy with this too long unpaid holiday not only for the loss of match fees but also because it has damaged his chance of making it to the record books as the World’s Highest Paid sportsman ahead of the likes of Tiger Woods, Lionel Messi and Sebe Vettel. He has also pointed out that the Indian team also has lost out on the chance to create the record of playing for the highest number of  days in a year across all sports.

Keeping in mind the losses being suffered by the cricketers, the stand-in captain has demanded that BCCI introduce a mini IPL in this interim for the smaller cities with teams like Menacing Meerut, Pouncing Patna and Tatanagar Torpedoes. Board of Cricket Corruption in India, an umbrella organisation of the Bookies Association has unanimously supported this demand as they are also suffering due to this long break in Indian cricket calendar.

A tense Rajeev Shukla has been handed the responsibility to appease the cricketers and he is said to be spending a lot of time with his colleagues in the UPA government to learn the act of “doing  nothing and yet feeling busy”. He then intends to conduct a workshop at Goa and impart the same skills to the cricketers.

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