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Cricket Mujahideen's chief Ahmed Shehzad appeals to kafirs

04, Sep 2014 By simplydimply

Cricket Mujahideen chief
Cricket Mujahideen chief

Colombo. Cricket used to be a gentlemen’s game that many people followed religiously. But now it has turned into a religious propaganda to force gentlemen to convert to a particular religion. Ahmed Shehzad the commander of newly formed organization Cricket mujahideen (CM) is man on mission and yesterday evening he lucidly put forward his arguments in front of press.

“In honor of my brothers of ISIS who are killing and raping kafirs (non- believers), I, chief of Cricket mujahideen take upon myself the task of bringing all non believer cricketers into the fold of our religion. I will first convince them that once they convert they will have all their misdeeds erased, a guaranteed pass into heaven and hence enjoy all sleazy lifestyles of heaven as promised by our religion. I am sure that convinced by my arguments many will covert, but those who don’t will be personally taken care of by ISIS. We are a religion of piece and those who don’t obey us are beheaded into pieces,” Ahmed Shehzad jehadi (cricket mujahideen) told reporters.