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Cricket match abandoned as umpire Goswami plays spoilsport

25, Jan 2014 By lollusabha

New Delhi: A cricket match featuring wannabe celebrities and people with absolutely nothing else to do was abandoned today in bizarre fashion as the umpire refused to allow either side to take any part in the match. The umpire in this incident was named as Mr. Goswami. It has been mentioned that Umpire Goswami has had previous episodes of similar nature.

arnab goswami
You are out.

Reporter Ranganath adds – The farce took an unexpected turn when it suddenly turned political with the congress section of the crowd chanting “Dictatorship! I thought that happens in Gujrat only” to which the BJP sections started violently responding with “Emergency, Emergency, Emerthandi, Do you remember Emergency”.

The umpires association of India has decided to refer this matter to the BCCI. But the president of the association later quipped “Although it is being reffered to the BCCI what good can one expect to come out of it!? (mild chuckle)”

Reporter Ranganath was also able to get an ultra exclusive first on national press only on this channel breaking “news” interview with umpire Goswami. Umpire Goswami refused to apologies for the incident and defended his actions by simply stating the facts. He said although it might have been comical, the ratings for this non descript low quality match has skyrocketed.

Umpire Goswami gave us a gem for final statement. He said “The nation needs to know; The nation needs to know why such irrelevant people with no real world impact are taking part in the match”. This ugly incident has drawn strong criticism from various political parties with the congress and BJP each accusing the umpire of favouring the other side

In related news, MK.Stalin has called it the “Betrayal of the Tamil peoples” and has blamed the Tamil Nadu CM J.Jayalalithaa for it.