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Court orders India Cements to take over BCCI and IPL

30, Mar 2014 By rajs

Justice XYZ (Like the 6 capped player list – judge name is not disclosed for everyone’s safety) yesterday could not pass a judgment on the IPL spot-fixing scam as men after men were found to have connections with India Cements in one way or the other.

N Srinivasan
“It’s not a joke”

India Cements Ltd. owner informed the court that over 100 cricketers are on pay-roll of India Cements, including former cricketers.

Court during the arguments found that these India Cements employees are in BCCI /IPL positions

Mr. Srinivasan BCCI president; managing director and vice-president, India Cements

Kasi Viswanathan – part of BCCI sub-committees; retired as cost department head, India Cements

Prasanna Kannan – IPL chief financial officer; former India Cements employee

PB Srinivasan – IPL financial consultant; internal auditor, India Cements

L Sivaramakrishnan – Nominated by BCCI to ICC Cricket Committee; India Cements employee

MA Satish – Indian team’s logistics manager; India Cements employee

PS Raman – legal consultant, BCCI and TNCA; legal consultant, India Cements

S Sharath – match official in domestic cricket, said to be scouting talent for

Chennai Super Kings recently; India Cements employee

T Karunamurthy, M Gopal – former first-class players and now BCCI match officials; India Cements employee

George John – Works in BCCI president’s office; India Cements employee

As already the total BCCI IPL as well as ICC were infiltrated by India Cements employees and controlled by its MD, the court cannot distinguish BCCI or IPL from India Cements.

It has no jurisdiction over ICC but it was presumed that only India Cements has jurisdiction over it also.

Therefore Court Ordered that India Cements to take over BCCI and IPL. Just as an advice, (out of jurisdiction) if possible ICC should also be part of India Cements subject to FERA regulations.

Mr.Srinivasan was reluctant to discuss about this in public as he had cataract operation, but inside he had tears coming in – all that was by joy- his eye doctor declared. India Cements declared victory holiday.

Indian PM said, that he already knew that BCCI and IPL belong to India Cements, but only now a legal affirmation is given by the Courts.

Indian youth who were hitherto dreaming to become cricketers have started dreaming to be India Cements employees first.

One unconfirmed news says, as recently Mr. Srinivasan’s brother Ramachandran was elected unopposed as IOA president, India Cements employees could be slowly deputed to Indian Olympic Association to continue their success story into Olympics.

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