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Could not take wickets as I gave everything I knew about bowling in tips to Ashwin : Harbhajan

26, Feb 2013 By Gaurav Mittal

Chennai. In the just concluded India-Australia first test match at Chennai, off spinner R Ashwin took 12 wickets while the veteran off spinner Harbhajan Singh could not do much. Harbhajan playing his 100th test match took only 1 wicket in first inning and 2 wickets in second inning.  After the match we had a brief chat with Harbhajan Singh about his performance and future plans.

Ashwin and Harbhajan
Ashwin imitating Bhajji

FN Reporter-Bhajji how does it feel to play a 100th test match for India ?

Bhajji– It’s a milestone every cricketer wants to achieve. It’s a great feeling, even better than slapping Sreesanth.

FN Reporter-So Bhajji, how come Ashwin took 12 wickets while you could only manage 3?

Bhajji-Just before the match I gave all the tips I knew about off spin bowling to Ashwin and so I was left with nothing and hence I could not take more wickets.

FN Reporter –But why you gave all you knew about bowling in tips to Ashwin?

Bhajji-It was my 100th test match and I wanted to celebrate it by giving others just like people do on their birthdays when they distribute sweets. I wanted to start afresh and make a new beginning as if it was my first test match. Effectively, I wanted to start from scratch. Moreover, it is an era of sharing knowledge and it is an open source world. We share so much information on social media too.

FN Reporter –How will you rate your performance?

Bhajji –It was very good considering the fact that I took this as my first test match. Three wickets for a debutant are quite good.

FN Reporter –How will you rate Ashwin’s performance?

Bhajji –It was good but like Dhoni, Ashwin was playing at his home ground and had that advantage of playing in front of home crowd.

FN Reporter –Do you regret that decision of giving everything in tips to Ashwin?

Bhajji-Yes, now after the match I am realizing I should not have done that. Just like you hit your foot with your own axe, I have taken my wicket with my own doosra.

FN Reporter –So what is the plan for the next match?

Bhajji– I am a rhythm bowler. Once I get that rhythm, I will start taking more wickets. So I am planning to catch up with some Punjabi music to get into rhythm.

FN Reporter –Thank you for talking to us Bhajji.

Bhajji-No problem buddy. Do come for an interview during IPL.