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Clerics to replace umpires for all Pakistan's matches

08, Sep 2014 By Postman Chacha

Cricket Mujahideen chief
Cricket Mujahideen chief

Islamabad. After the recent debacle regarding faith conversion between Ahmed Shehzad and Dilshan, ICC along with PCB has decided that from now on any series comprising of Pakistan will have clerics in place of umpires.

This news was received with extreme  joy and people of  Pakistan celebrated it by coming out on streets , but  were later attacked by US drones and Nawaz Sharif supporters . An elated Ahmed Shehzad talked to our reporter Buri Khabar and said that he feels everyone in ICC will now go to jannat and he himself would personally escort them .

The religion conversion ceremony will take place during drinks break , between overs and post match presentation. And those who will not convert will be given Visa for Jehhanum, along with a fire proof jacket to bear the heat there. There would also be a fatwa expert for making  jehannum departures easier.

Although their preparation for world cup may still be wobbly, but their clerics  are pretty excited that they have a whole lot of new people to convert their faith and who knows one of the clerics may be Shehzad himself.