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CBI raids Shane Watson's house, finds excess of dot balls

19, Apr 2017 By Rayan Christ

Bengaluru: This Sunday, 16 April 2017, RCB’s all-rounder Shane Watson’s house was raided by the CBI, while he was playing against RPS. The CBI found excess of dot balls in Watson’s house. They also found that these dot balls were illegally acquired by him by converting INR 9.5 crores of his IPL pay.

Shane Watson's 'Black Dot Balls' found in a raid which was similar to Demonetization raid
Shane Watson’s ‘Black Dot Balls’ found in a raid which was similar to Demonetization raid

Sources revealed that Watson had been converting these black dot balls into white by using them expertly in his batting. The 35 year old Australian had been performing consistently for rest of the IPL teams except RCB with both the bat and ball from 2 years. Several dot balls were donated by Watson as charity to new Indian bowlers.

The CBI played a spoil sport in Watson’s dream of winning a Padma Vibushan for promoting Indian bowlers by not attacking them in IPL. Watson with a strike rate of 98.36 this year had plans to become the ambassador for the “Save The Bowler” and “A Bowler’s Feelings” initiatives. The CBI revealed that several unused dot balls were found in his backyard as well. They also found that Watson had plans to use these dot balls in the upcoming matches.

The captain of RCB, Virat Kohli, in the post-match interview revealed that this move by Watson was only to find hidden Indian talents in the bowling department for future test cricket. He also added that the BCCI had plans of opting Watson as the batting coach for the Indian test team.

Rumours: Watson has been donating these dot balls to Cheteshwar Pujara.