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CAF Refuses to Postpone the African Nations Cup 2015 in Morocco

04, Nov 2014 By ahmedkotb

Morocco insisted on an apology for organizing the African Nations Cup in 2015, fearing of deadly Ebola disease spread in Morocco. The African football confederation has rejected as well a proposal to postpone the tournament for six months in June 2015 instead of January 2015.

Algeria expressed its readiness to organize a tournament rather than Morocco. Issa Hayatou, president of the African football confederation over the past few days provided a proposal for organizing both Tunisia and Algeria tournament together, the African Union has the last decision on the date and venue for the tournament after rejecting a postponement.

Amid an anticipation state about the Executive Committee, meeting headed by Issa Hayatou, to resolve the 2015 finals position. Under Morocco’s insistence on the postponement because Ebola epidemic, some sources predicted might be postponed or moved to another state perhaps is Tunisia or Algeria.

Some sources excluded likewise that separates the Executive Office in tournament fate during a meeting today, what has already happened, the Executive Office of African football confederation “CAF” postpone a final decision on the African Nations Cup championship 2015 date for “24 hours”. Stressing that decisiveness would be during a delegation visit from the “CAF” headed by Issa Hayatou to Morocco in the next few days. The Moroccan Minister of Youth and Sports Mohammad Ozen said that his country stands clear of the championship on time amid these conditions, and has not changed, adding to the seriousness Ebola epidemic and mounting deaths in the continent.

Egypt is a part of the state that was addressed by the African Union to see its position on hosting championship if Morocco insists on asking delayed due to fear of Ebola virus. The Egyptian Sports Ministry announced Monday. Egypt apology to host African Nations Cup 2015 footballs will schedule next January. In the case of Morocco withdrawal, fearing the epidemic spread.

The ministry said in its statement after studying the matter with all its aspects, Egypt decided not offer application for African football confederation to host African Nations Cup Championship No. 30, which was to be held in Morocco during January 17 to the th8 of February 2015.

Thus, Egypt has become a fourth state apology for hosting the Continental Championship after South Africa and Algeria and Ghana. It is noteworthy that countries which discuss by the African Football Confederation to host the tournament is Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa, after Morocco’s apology.