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Bosque invites John Abraham to join the Spain’s soccer team, Gaurav Kapoor as a psychologist

28, Jun 2014 By whackyviv

In an unprecedented move and as an honor to the Indian Football and Fans, Spanish Coach Bosque has invited John Abraham to join the Spain’s national team as lead striker.

Bosque has seen John practicing at the sets of the movie ‘dan dana dan – GOAL’ and also in a recent Ad and was highly impressed with the Actor’s soccer skills. Bosque was quoted saying ‘John is wasting his talent by doing Bollywood movies and not playing in FIFA and elite club matches’. Meanwhile, working as an expert commentator in CAFÉ RIO even after an array of negative remarks and reviews on Social media, Gaurav Kapoor has showed his mettle to handle pressure and public lashes without losing his temper. Coach Bosque told media that Gaurav Kapoor’s stint with the team will act like a meditation pill. Players will look forward to him while raising their own level of confidence. Coach Bosque has also quoted that Age won’t be a hurdle for John as he is naturally gifted and skilled and He can see the spark in him similar to that of a young 20 odd Spanish striker. Bosque has also told the media that he has started working on a new strategy to replace ‘Tiki Taka’ keeping John and his skills in mind. An internal source indicated that the new strategy might be a style linked to biking – john’s second love after Soccer. Bosque’s children who used to utter ‘tiki taka’ entire day are using ‘ vroom vroom’ these days and if we believe the experts that might be the name for Bosque’s new football philosophy and strategy.

Both Gaurav Kapoor and John Abraham attended a press conference in Mumbai stating their happiness to join the Spain’s national team. While , Sony Six has decided to continue with ‘Gaurav kapoor’ as the sole host for all the international sports event’s match discussions being telecast in India. John gave his Ex-gf Bipasha Basu the full credit for his Football skills and has requested her to accompany him to Spain where she can help in guiding and training him.

Both sunil Chetri and Baichang Bhutiya has congratulated John Abraham for his success and told media that Indian kids need to look upto John as their ‘Football’ Idol. John Abraham has promised that his rise would help Spain and other teams play football at a level where teams like India can compete. John Abraham also expressed his confidence over India making it to the FIFA in 2018.