Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

‘Blame game’ to replace hockey as national game of India

14, Oct 2014 By jatinhumbal

As per an official note from sports authority of India, they will soon declare blame game as national game of India by considering the fact that Indians are too good in blaming each other since decades.

An official said in talk with us, “poor performance in hockey from India after the golden period of our hockey game, it’s time to look for a game in which we are very good and we came to know blaming each other or we can say blame game is the favorite game among Indians and most of us are really good in same.”

After hearing these news people from politics and many employees from IT industries are under pressure to perform well in the blame game as they are really very good in this blaming thing on each other.

They will face a tough competition from many people across country as almost everyone is blaming other for most of mistakes.

An employee from known IT Firm said without declaring his name, “my boss must be brand ambassador for this game as he always blames all issues and errors on our team and winning the game every time.”

After seeing such warm welcome for and talent the game, sports authority will have a talk with international Olympic comity to include this game in Olympics too.

If the comity will accept this proposal then India will have an assured medal in Olympics (may be all three).