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Bhuvi to open the batting for India in 3rd Test against England

18, Jul 2014 By pagalprathik

After Scoring two consecutive half centuries in the first test against England, Indian Pace bowler Bhuvaneshwar Kumar is going to open the innings for India in 3rd Test against England.

MS Dhoni
“Well of course”

Bhuvneshwar and Shami blunted the host’s seam attack and found easy pickings from Moeen. The last-wicket pair added 111 and ensured that India crossed the 400-mark in the first innings.Indian Coach Fletcher told faking news reporter, “I did not expect this from Bhuvi and Shami, even the top order batsman Dhawan failed to perform, the two tail enders did a fantastic job for India.” He also added that Bhuvi is going to open the batting in 3rd test.

One of our faking news reporters asked Dhoni about the performance of Bhuvi, “Yes its a fantastic performance you know,  Bhuvi helped to put a decent total on the board you know, if his batting performance continues like this then i think Dhawan won’t even get chance in IPL.”

Then our Faking News reporter asked dhoni that whether India will win atleast one test match in this series, Dhoni replied, “Last time we lost all the matches in England but this time it won’t happen, we have talented players like Ishant and Rohit they will never let it happen.”

When asked about his illegal relationship with Ravindra Jadeja who is good for nothing but who will be in the squad forever Dhoni said, “I don’t have any illegal relationship with him, I have legal relationship you know, even Shakshi knows about it. Whenever i feel bored I go to Jadeja’s place to enjoy. I think there is nothing wrong in it. Jadeja will continue this relationship with me even after his marriage .”

Meanwhile there are some rumours that Rohit Sharma is jealous on Jadeja and plans to murder him. Rohit told faking news that, “I had a relationship with Dhoni but now he has illegal relationship with Jaddu. One day I will prove that I’m better than Jadeja,then Dhoni will come back to me.”