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BCCI to outsource its players to other sports

07, Oct 2012 By moga

Follow the ongoing trend in India Inc., BCCI has taken a long expected decision: to outsource its players to other sports within India. BCCI president  N Srinivasan   said in a press conference today, “We have a strong bench strength. So why waste talent like this when our players can bring glory to other sports too”.

On being asked what sports he expected our cricketers to excel, he clarified Harbhajan is expected to debut in Boxing given his experience to hit the target (read faces) bang on. Dravid has his chances as football goalkeeper or as a fence in the defense, giving all other 10 to attack at the same time.

Though many have welcomed this step, some like hockey coach Michael Nobbs  says, “What do they want? Already cricketers get everything in this country, now they are snatching even others’ right to play”. Srinivasan backlashed at Nobbs saying what chance is he talking about? They were given their chance and see what they did at Olympics. See our cricketers they at least reach Super Eights.

BCCI has defended its decision citing the example of IPL where foreign countries “ outsource” their players to Indian franchises where they often perform better than the ‘home’ players.

But experts believe the decision is taken by BCCI under pressure from players who see their future in cricket ending, especially after their 8-0 drubbing in tests earlier this year.

Siddharth Mallya, owner of an IPL team, when contacted seemed excited, “Wow, a great decision by BCCI. One should be talented in multiple fields. Just look at me, who can say…” By that time our reported lost interest and didn’t quite hear the rest part. A 15 year pool player in Mumbai looked concerned and asked our reporter, “What about the cheer leaders?  Would they be outsourced too?” Valid point, Kid!

Meanwhile, Sreesanth was spotted buying boxing gears in Thiruvananthapuram earlier this afternoon. Our best wishes to him!