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BCCI to make a team out of Bhuvaneshwar kumar's clones

11, Aug 2014 By onesidedargument

Inspired by his recent performances in ongoing series, BCCI has already ordered for clones of Bhuvaneshwar kumar and these clones will be sent for any match that will be played out of sub-continent.

This also allows other star players to continue their presence in IPL, CPL (Cricket paisa league) and ABCL (Any bloody cricket league).

Midst of protests from the Indian fans all over the world over the ludicrous performance in ongoing series, BCCI think-tank is looking for their alternatives to tackle the situation before it goes out of control.

Sources close to BCCI revealed that they are even considering options to not to play outside sub-continent for a while to keep situation under control.

Clone or real?
Clone or real?

Yesterday there was brain storming session that took place in BCCI headquarters, where officials spent most of their time eating samosa and drinking chai from masthan cafe. End of the day there was a retrospective session that lasted for 128 seconds, the amount of time Indian top order batsmen usually spends batting at crease on an average. Resolution of that session, as stated in their official website is to give the team some time and they’ll bounce back by the start of next IPL season.

But if sources are to be believed the actual resolution was to make clones of Bhuvaneshwar Kumar and make a team out of it. They are also in thoughts of retaining Dhoni for the captain and wicket keeper roles to avoid any tensions from ICC and sponsors.

Hoping to end the drought of wins outside sub-continent and to keep making money from futile cricket leagues this resolution not only pleased the big-boss (not the Salman Khan you see) and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar himself, who is tired of giving his 120% and still being ended up on the losing side.

Sarva Chaturmukesh, a zealot cricket fan, was found celebrating after learning about this news on his Lava smartphone. When we consulted him for comment on this recent development, he was elated and thinks it really helps people like him to not to get bored when IPL isn’t happening. He is still seen in the streets of Chennai wearing his Chennai super kings jersey. When asked about the ongoing English tour, he was surprised and was completely unaware of the same.

Not just him, there were millions of people celebrating in streets when they got to knowing that they don’t have to wait for 9 months to watch an IPL match. Vella Shashtri, chief spokesperson for BCCI cited this as a milestone in Indian cricket and for BCCI of course.