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BCCI to launch Football Premier League

21, Jun 2014 By Prateek Shah

Not satisfied with the money IPL was making for them, BCCI has decided to launch Football’s IPL version – the Football Premier League(FPL).

N Srinivasan
“It’s not a joke”

In true BCCI style, lots of changes will be made to the game, some of which are as follows –

  • Super Minutes – Each team will be allowed to choose a time frame of 10 minutes, in which only a goalkeeper and 2 defenders will be allowed to be in the other half of the field, allowing the other team to score as many goals and make the match interesting.
  • Time Out – One break after 45 minutes is not enough, therefore 2 more breaks, one after 20 minutes and the other one after 70 will be introduced to help the advertisers earn more money.
  • Third Umpire and DRS – Teams will have the right to challenge every decision of the referee and a Third Referee will decide the outcomes of fouls, penalties, goals and everything else.
  • Cheer Leaders – Each time their team wins a kick after a foul or a penalty or scores a goal, cheer leaders will be seen cheering along the sidelines.
  • Duckworth Lewis – In case of rains, players will not continue playing the match. The teams will instead settle the decision on the basis of which team had more ball possession.
  • Rewards – In addition to a amount for the winning team and a player of the match, there will be awards like “Star Parivaar Goalchee Hamaar Zordaar”, “Kingfisher Foul Kare par Bach Gaye”, “MTV Roadies Rough Play” at the end of every match.
  • John Abrahams and Gaurav Kapurs and Nikhil Chinappas will each be made brand ambassadors of different teams since they are the only people who know about the sport in India.
  • All BCCI team members will secretly hold stake in some or the other team, a fact that will only be revealed after investigation into the IFL scandal that will surface once the original creator of the league has a tiff with the BCCI.

Lots more will happen in the FPL, stay tuned for updates!