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BCCI to ensure Ishant gets Padma Shri ahead of next test match

24, Jul 2014 By dasu

According to our sources BCCI has requested government to give Padma Shri award to Ishant ahead of next test match. BCCI is hopeful with a decisive new government under Modiji in place decisions will be taken quickly. Last year they recommended Virat’s name multiple times, UPA government was lethargic. BCCI does not want to take any more chance.

Now we all know what happened to Vira.! BCCI believes “form is temporary, class is permanent”, more so in Ishant’s case. After seven years with the team he got his first five wicket haul when India won the match. Now he is a proven match winner with a probability of 1 out of 56 (total test matches he has played).

BCCI has also submitted documentary evidence of Modiji’s tweet where he has praised the team after historic win at Lords after 28 years. Ishant is very emotional and remembers Sachin paaji’s words. Never give up, keep on playing, you never know some day you will hit form. He also mentioned other than team members no one valued his contribution to the team.

Poor chap, he does not know team members supported him so that he remains in the team and they get the motivation from his performance all the time. If Ishant is in the team, who can drop us? James Faulkner commented on Ishant getting Padma award. He is a good bowler, if any ordinary bowler would have there I could have taken 36 in that one over, Ishant did a good job and gave only 30.