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BCCI to arrange 7 match ODI series against South Africa in India

14, Dec 2013 By veturisarma

Chennai. The recently concluded ODI Series against South Africa had India tasting its own medicine when the visitors lost the two opening matches by huge margins and were saved by rain in the third. BCCI felt that the series was not reflective of the quality of the players and felt that the pitches, which favored the home team, exaggerated the differences between the sides.

To make the encounters more competitive, and to bring out the strengths of the teams in a more organized manner the BCCI, decided to organize a 7 Match ODI Series in India.

Virat Kohli
These scenes will be thing of past now

The first match of the series would be held at Gwalior and it is learnt that all the Indian Players who were not a part of the ODI squad at the time when Sachin Tendulkar scored 200* were sent DVDs of the game for inspiration.  The BCCI’s move was greatly appreciated by Team India Batting Guns like Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma who felt that a 7 Match ODI Series in India is the only way ODI Cricket can be redeemed from its current rot and suggested (urged) BCCI to arrange more series like these with other countries like Nepal, Afghanistan and USA, to further developments on the game in those countries.

A source close to BCCI also informed that they were pondering on an agreement with CSA not to include fast bowlers in their team, but we were told that the BCCI was waiting for CSA to close all its television deals before they can impose their decision on them.

Ishant Sharma, the Indian Pace Spearhead, who also became the 4oth fastest bowler to get 100 wickets in ODIs, welcomed the decision by BCCI, but he also asked the BCCI to curtail the “luck” factor in the games by ruling away top edges and awarding no runs if the ball goes between the fielders. The BCCI, gave this thoughtful suggestion its due credit and thanked Ishant Sharma profusely for it, but they felt that it would be too drastic a measure. However they included the clause in the agreement anyway as a P.S.

It is also learnt that, in order to make the series viable, BCCI is also willing to do away with the 2 Match Test Series as per South African skipper Graeme Smith’s suggestion to ICC. Meanwhile, Ravi Shastri and Sunil Gavaskar were seen clearing their vocal cords and preparing to appropriately praise BCCI for this latest ingenuity, which allowed them to respect the opposition skipper’s suggestion and also turning it into its own favor.