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BCCI sends Letter of Terms to Cricket South Africa

15, Dec 2013 By 0rkut

Chennai. BCCI now looks inspired by Arvind Kejriwal’s letters of term he has sent to Sonia Gandhi and Rajnath Singh. The visitors had earlier lost ODI series to the hosts by 2-0, the last ODI was washed away and Team India could not bat in it. Then a practice match was washed away due to rain without a single bowl being bowled. A BCCI official said, “We’re considering to send a letter of terms to Cricket South Afrrica before the commencement of the test match series. India team has not been given enough chance to bat, so the South African Criket board should accept our terms. Visitors have to have fair chances of winning in adverse conditions, so we think our terms are fair enough.” Our reporter managed to get a copy of letter sent by BCCI to CSA. Some of the terms written in the letter are:

  1. First bowl bowled to every Indian batman will be a ‘try ball‘.
  2. No one will stop shots of Indian batsmen so that a good score is put up for a competitive match.
  3. Swing bowling is not allowed by the South African bowlers.
  4. No South African fielder will take catch.
  5. No South African fielder will run any visitor batsman out.
  6. None from the hosts would appeal.
  7. It is upto Indian batsmen to decide as to when they’re out.

According to other sources, it is a nine-point letter of which 2 other terms are unknown but it is speculated that those terms are: No one can bowl fast to Indian batsmen and only one bouncer per bowler per innings be allowed. BCCI is said to be stern on its stand and it has been reported it has sought answers from CSA on each of these terms individually in writing. A BCCI source said, “The failure of batsmen is not their fault. They were playing fairly good in Indian conditions. The conditions in South Africa are adverse, so they should be given added advantage for a fair competition. CSA must agree to at least five of our terms before the first test  match to ensure transparency in the test series.”

Reply from Cricket South Africa is awaited. When contacted, they said a meeting was to take place to discuss about the letter of terms sent by the BCCI. A final decision would be made only after the meeting .