Tuesday, 23rd January, 2018

BCCI seeks BSF support keep Imaran Tahir within cricket ground after every wicket

08, Apr 2017 By rofl gujju
Imran Tahir's celebration style is panicking BCCI
Imran Tahir’s celebration style is panicking BCCI

Pune: Imaran Tahir played important role in the 1st victory of the Pune Super Giants in IPL but as per Faking news report, team management is worried about Imaran Tahir for some complex reason. As per FN sources, Pune team management asked IPL management to deploy extra security at the Ground boundary to keep Tahir in the ground even after celebration.

As per the FN sources, IPL management body take cognizance of concern Pune team management. IPL authority has decided to seek help of the BSF to keep Tahir within boundary. BSF has earn prestige in the world to keep the people within “Boundary” of their state and hence IPL has decided to take help of the BSF.