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BCCI pitched in Dr CNR Rao and Sir Ravindra Jadeja for preparing portable pitches

10, Dec 2013 By atul15

BCCI (Board of curator control of India) which gives 5 year dual degrees to its future curators in making dead pitches has ordered a portable pitch which team India will carry with them whenever they tour outside India. The pitch won’t b carried to Bangladesh because team India wants’ challenging playing conditions and not monotonous pitches which takes a month to break.

The technical inputs for preparing the pitch will be provided by bharat ratna (Dr CNR Rao) under the supervision of Sir Ravindra Jadeja.

According to PTI (petrified team India)- the pitch will be made as per the wishes of Indian batsmen like playing shots without moving their feet and where dhoni can fly high and far on his helicopter shots without any fear of entering China’s air defense zone in South China sea.

It has some additional features also:

1. It has marking from off stump of one end to off stump of other end so that some player’s don’t have to look back to their off stump to find its actual position and get out in the process.

2. Pitch is equipped with dampeners which will ultimately reduce the ball’s height to a maximum of knee roll irrespective of the force and height it will be pitched on the surface.

3. No matter how fast one bowls the pitch has layers which will move relative to the ball n adjust the speed to a maxm of 120 km/hr.

4. And d last thing the pitch is made up of salt n Dead Sea water so there won’t be any grass on it till the next tendulkar is born and Rahul Gandhi calculates escape velocity to Jupiter without the help of computer and calculator correct up to ten decimal places.

According to BCCI spokesperson (S Dheere se Pheko ) the work on portable pitch will be completed before the next world cup in Australia.