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BCCI overrules FIFA's proposal to extend review system to red cards and penalities

30, Jun 2014 By tailwind

In a major setback to the move to broaden the use of technology in football to make the game more error-free, FIFA has given up its proposal to use the review system, presently done only for goal-line disputes, to red cards and penalties also.

This follows strong opposition to the proposal from the BCCI. “We do not approve of any technology that is not 100% accurate,” said N. Srinivasan, BCCI President and the new (finally!) ICC Chair. The Indian Cricket captain M S Dhoni said, “When we are given a life-jacket, we want it to come with 100% guarantee.” Asked if he would rather drown than use a life-jacket with 99% guarantee, Dhoni said, “We are not afraid of death. I prefer that to going back on my words.”

Members of the world soccer body are making efforts to prevail upon Srinivasan to reconsider his stand. When last counted, 120 members of the FIFA had sought appointment with Srinivasan. He declined to answer questions on whether he is willing to meet with the FIFA representatives. “I am right now busy with a proposal before the ICC to give India the right to play 3 innings in tests and 2 in ODIs.”