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BCCI orders all future world cups to be held in subcontinent

06, Dec 2013 By choupal

Chennai. With new Indian team on the chopping block from the 1st one-day by S African team’s clinical batting bowling and fielding, BCCI has been requested by Dhoni not to send chickens like Raina to be ever sent to Africa,England and Australia. This is to keep them in mentally good condition.

Indian Cricket Team
Reaction of Indian team after being told that all matches will be played in sub-continent henceforth.

As always Mr Srinivas who is the BCCI Chairman has understood how imp this idea will be so as to save the team from embarrassment of being “chickens outside and lion in India”, he has already started twisting ICC for this proposal. By the time of this news going to press, we came to know from Mr Virender Sehwag who was enjoying this defeat of Indian team and his close associate Gambhir that Mr Gurunath Meyappam – son in law of Mr Srini, is already in London to meet ICC officials.

We are expecting a short meeting tomorrow after which it will be formally declared that going forward – all world cups will be compulsorily held in indian subcontinent so that there is no trouble from bouncy and fast pitches and also indian spinners can weave their magic around likes of Cook, Bailey and De Villiers.

Mr Ravi Shastri is already smiling but Sunil Gavaskar is not at all happy because he would lose chance to lambast Indian team. Ganguly has said that this has left no chances of any foreign captain ever flagging his T shirt.