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BCCI officially announces Rain God as the 18th player in Indian squad

27, Aug 2014 By Rajesh Turlapati

BCCI today officially announced Rain God as the 18th player in Indian squad. Rain God who has been playing consistently for India since the 4th Test in England, hasn’t been got the official recognition till today.

BCCI spokes person speaking to Faking News told “With the official nod now given, BCCI expects Rain God to deliver more and play according to  the team’s plan (if there is any).”

Well played.

“If you see 4th and 5th test matches in England, it was only 2 players playing for India. One was Dhoni and the other was RaGo (nickname for Rain God – all players must have nick names – first rule). We were very impressed with RaGo’s  performance,” added the spokes person.

“RaGo has been playing more overs than any other batsmen in Indian team. He could have saved couple of test matches if he got a bit of support from other batsmen. He also avoided another defeat in the first ODI by playing all 100 overs.” said the spokesperson.

“We are very much sure that he will be playing in final eleven in next ODI. 6 batsmen, 4 bowlers and 1 Rain God is our new combination,”  he explained when we asked him about final combination playing the next ODI.

Meanwhile reports came from Delhi that IPL team Delhi Daredevils making its attempts to bring Rain God to their team after watching his performance in first ODI. They are finally feeling that there is a player who can guarantee them some points (considering even an abandoned match gets them 1 point ).