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BCCI demands that India be allowed to play Book-Cricket on foreign pitches

09, Feb 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

New Zealand: After India’s poor showing in the ODI series against New Zealand and its imminent defeat in the first test match, BCCI has demanded that India only play Book Cricket in foreign countries. The demand went by way of a written letter to the ICC from the BCCI President, N. Srinivasan.

N Srinivasan
My game my rules.

Reliable sources have told Faking News that this move has come on the back of the BCCI Chief N. Srinivasan and some of his relatives (like a certain Mr. Meiyappan) losing money heavily after placing bets with bookies on India winning at least one match. N. Srinivasan himself is reported to have lost at least a crore rupees in a day.

In this format of the game, captains from both teams would sit in the centre of the pitch with a rather thick book- either an engineering or a medical entrance book- like ‘Organic Chemistry’ by Morrison Boyd and take turns to flip through the pages for the correct number of runs. The rest of the players would be allowed to chill, sleep or spend time with their girlfriends just like normally.

When questioned about this, Mr. Srinivasan completely denied his involvement in the matter and said that malicious elements were out to malign him and his son-in-law.

However, the matter soon caught the attention of the AAP who first, threatened to go on a dharna in support of the move and later, after a quick huddle, against it.