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BCCI demands ICC to prepare level playing field for upcoming cricket World Cup in Australia

08, Aug 2014 By rocky

Looking at the ongoing controversy over UPSC exam where Humanities students are demanding to prepare level playing field for them in the examination by scrapping the current pattern of CSAT Examination, BCCI also studied the performance of team India outside the subcontinent and decided to protest against ICC so that every team get equal chance to win the supreme trophy of cricket.

N Srinivasan
“I will get you banned if you dont agree”

Sources have said that players have been complaining about it for a long time. BCCI argued that teams outside subcontinent will have unfair advantage over subcontinent players as they have practiced a lot in their fast pitches.

Following are the demands:-

1).  The batsman from subcontinent country  should be given second chance if he gets out under score of 20 runs.

2). Offered them to buy few stadiums in India and organize matches there, BCCI also assured to provide fake spectators posing as Australians  if needed.

3). Questions asked during presentation ceremony should be translated in all Indian Languages s0 that everyone in team and country can understand.

4). Shorten the boundaries during the batting of subcontinent team.

5) Local bowlers should be provided if team fails to get wickets after  every 50 runs.

Cricket board of Australia strongly argued that why this demand was not raised when team generally tour countries outside subcontinent. In that issue BCCI said that both team get equal  chance to thrash their opponents on their home ground but World cup is conducted only once in 4 years

BCCI warned ICC to accept at least 2 demands to conduct fair tournament.

This issue is picking up slowly in other countries of subcontinent also  as they widely supported” language” demand of BCCI and some others also.