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BCCI decides to extend IPL to soccer too

30, Jun 2014 By wwwsiddharth

BCCI surprised everyone yesterday by declaring that they are extending IPL to football too. Ex BCCI representative Shri Rajeev Shukla explained the rationale behind it: “Since the FIFA 2014 world cup has started, football has become really popular in India – specially looking at the facebook walls of indian youth, we have noticed that suddenly millions of Neymar, Messi and Xherdan Shaqiri (he added that its tough to pronounce even this name), fan groups are formed, and everyone is talking on FB like they are their childhood friends. Messi has almost replaced Sachin from the God status, and even some people who made temples of cricket players earlier, are considering in larger public interest to change the deities in those temples now.”

He added with a smile that this was a strategic reason why IPL was named IPL (with not ‘Cricket’ word in it) to keep the flexibility for later to add more sports to this kitty. However he also mentioned that they were expecting to add Hockey, Kabaddi & Kho Kho first to it, however seems soccer has pushed them to change some plans now. Even he said this was the same reason, why our franchise names are also kept  in such a fashion that they can immediately start a new game into it, if that has more money making potential like Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders & Rajasthan Royals. Even they are considering to rename BCCI to “Ball Control Committee of India” so that any sport which has anything to do with balls, can be taken under one umbrella.

In a press release which BCCI issued later, it was highlighted, that they will allow around 14 foreign players for each team, however it will be made mandatory to keep at least one Indian players. Coaches, ball boys, administration personnel, ground boys, curators (if they need one) will compulsorily have to be Indians. Apparently these steps are taken by BCCI to ensure that the game of football can be made popular among Indian youth, and more and more rural population can be added to this great game of football. A team of 30 BCCI officials will soon visit the Brazil World Cup matches to ensure that Soccer IPL can be made even better.

Interestingly today itself Srinivasan has taken over as ICC Chairman, and since then, FIFA is feeling scared of a hostile takeover if this plans of bringing football under cricket work out well. Srinivasan is known as a smart businessman and dealmaker. On the other hand, Lalit Modi has tweeted that this was his idea, to buy not only Indian Football Association one day, but also to buy FIFA, and he has alleged Srinivasan has stole his idea.