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BCCI changes rules for Sachin's 200th match

10, Oct 2013 By bwoyblunder

After Sachin Tendulkar’s Announcement that he will retire from Test cricket, and with that from all competitive cricket, after his 200th Test match, BCCI has decided to leave no stone unturned to make this a memorable match. Many rules have been changed, to highlight the importance of this event.

Some of the major rule changes are:

Sachin Tendulkar
The mouthwatering opportunity?

1. All players from opposition team will be debutants. Sachin has always wanted new talents to emerge in the cricketing world. Hence BCCI has instructed West Indies to field only newcomers.

2. Bowlers will bowl only under-arm balls to Sachin BCCI has explained that bowling over-arm balls is very tiring, and can lead to injuries. Sachin doesnt want any person to face any hardships, just because he is batting, so BCCI has mooted the under-arm ball idea, so that bowlers can bowl with ease.

3. Only 5 fielders allowed on the field For reasons similar to above, Sachin didnt want people to get tired by fielding for him. Also chances are people may face heat strokes. To avoid such untoward incidents, only 5 fielders will be allowed, that too they will be rotated constantly.

4. Sachin can be caught out only if fielder catches the ball in one hand, while standing on one foot Fielding and fitness are often neglected by cricketers, and Sachin wants the new cricketers to be excelllent fielders, hence Sachin wants them to practice catching with one hand, and on one foot, so that when they play normal matches where they can use both hands and legs, it will be much easier for them.

5. Sachin cannot be dismissed till he reaches 100 runs BCCI is of the view that people from all corners of the world, will come paying high prices for tickets sold in black, and hence they deserve “paisa-vasool” entertainment, hence BCCI will ensure that Sachin will score a 100 so that they dont disappoint the fans