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BCCI approves quota for Home spectators in Away games

29, Mar 2015 By truthbutfake

Year 2023: After each of the last 10 series played by India outside the subcontinent had a full 100% capacity comprising only of Indian supporters, the rest of the cricket boards, moved a motion to have a 50% reservation for home spectators(Those whose origins can be traced back to the home country).

The motion was quickly dismissed by the majority of the ICC panel with India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and West Indies voting against the notion while South Africa, Australia, England and New Zealand voting for it. While it is understandable that Pakistan is hardly affected by it and given the 100 tests and 250 ODI’s India have played against Sri Lanka to empty stadiums over the last 3 years neither is Sri Lanka.

Fans celebrating the decision
Fans celebrating the decision

Bangladesh on the other hand has a motion requesting a tour to/from India dating back from 2016 which is still pending and hence has no experience in this matter what so ever. West Indies which still has a loyal cricket fan following but still only occupies 25% of their stadiums was the surprise in the voting but given their financial condition, speculations are rife that WICB is just a subsidiary of BCCI.

More money changed hands between West Indies and some of the effected countries which lead them to voting for the motion in the next voting for a 25% reservation.India brought in Zimbabwe in a legal loophole to nullify the majority vote. Given the never ending voting, India finally agreed to allow a 10% reservation for home fans when they play away from home outside the sub continent.

This has given much joy to fans across the world as this would now give them the first opportunity to watch India play at their home over the past 2 years. They would have the chance to make money at the games  considering  BCCI’s excessive wealth and the huge sponsors it brings in, with the crowd at India’s games now having the chance to make profits off the game if India wins.

There is also a widespread fear that by 2050 most cricket teams in the world would comprise mostly of players of Indian origin and it is heard from unconfirmed sources that some countries are making efforts to have a 50% reservation for players of their countries origin to make the team.