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BCCI apologizes to fans for not arranging a single match between Ind and SL for last two months

07, Sep 2013 By 0mar Abdullah

In bizarre press conference , first ever in history BCCI president apologized to fans for not arranging a single  match between India and Srilanka from last two months.

“Why apologize to the fans?,” our reporter asked him.

Shaking hands hopefully for the last time.

“Actually, the level of addiction is so much that people have started to take medicine for its de-addiction. So its our moral responsibility to tell sorry to all the fans” he replied

“But sir, Is BCCI’s marketing strategy is the reason behind this addiction ? ” reporter asked again

“I don’t think so. Yes, we have played several matches against Sri Lanka but that doesn’t mean it would be the reason for addiction. Actually  we forgot to arrange the match against them. As you know I was quite busy in serving the notice Issued by Mumbai High Court for IPL scandal so couldn’t get time to make the schedule for Sri Lanka ” BCCI president replied

Ravi Shastri also apologized to fans for the same reason.

“If I would be in the place of BCCI President I would never forgot to arrange the esteem series between India and Srilanka. I am surprised to see that how BCCI forgot such things, series against our regular customer means Sri Lanka. I am disappointed. But I do assure to all the fans that in future this thing will never happen” he said to Faking News.