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Batsmen demand strike rate to be renamed as gullibility rate to make their numbers look better

07, Mar 2017 By RT

Bangalore. Batsmen from the current IND-AUS series demand that strike rate to be renamed as gullibility rate, effective immediately, reports from Chinnaswamy stadium have stated today. If not for all the formats of the game, do this change for the test matches at least, the coaching teams from both the countries wrote to ICC. When someone is playing, he is not worried about striking the ball. His skills are to defend the ball and his wicket. So, the strike rate is really a misnomer here, a team of coaches told Faking News.

Angry Kohli by stupid Strike-Rate calculations
Angry Kohli by stupid Strike-Rate calculations

“During Sunday, at one time, a batsman’s score card was 2 for 29. Even the computers will fail to calculate the strike rate for 2 runs out of 29 balls. Now, recalculate the same as gullibility rate! It is easy. He had extremely less chances of getting out with such a high rating. If anything, only on the two occasions when he scored those 2 runs, there was a chance of him getting out”, the team told Faking News.

“People watching in television can make the right choice to change the channel whenever someone like Pujara is batting. They would not miss anything. However, we guys in the stadium, who want to miss his batting are left with no choice. In fact, there was a loud cheer when he scored his second run. Rahul at the other end seemed perplexed to see why his boundaries are not cheered and his partner’s singles are cheered”, an Indian fan watching the match from the stadium commented to Faking News.

“I have followed the game since my school days. I never knew why a test match is called as a test match. Nowadays, with batting looking like climbing a wall, I understand the meaning well. It is a test for different types of people at different levels. The worst test unfortunately is on the fans of the game who have bought tickets to watch it on a sunny day”, another fan further added.

Meanwhile, fans of Nehra and Sharma have demanded that economy rate to be renamed as strike rate as the term is available now and can be used by the bowlers to make their ratings look better.