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Bangladesh Cricketers are demanding higher Dowry after recent series wins

20, Jul 2015 By ANI

Dhaka. After years of being tagged and treated as the minions of the cricketing world, there seems to be an air of optimism brushing the lives of the Bangladeshi cricketers. The cricketers who claim to have been victims of the very impartial ‘Status-Dowry Index’ (SDI) for years are finally raking in their newly found status in the society after having dodged success for decades.

As per the fathers of single women in Bangladesh, bagging cricketers for marriage is getting more and more unaffordable. If reports are to be believed, young teenage sensation Mustafizur hopes to get an SUV , free coupons to an English speaking academy and lifetime membership to a men’s spa in dowry one day. All the scared fathers hope to protest this inflation in dowry by refusing to google ‘SUV’ and see what one looks like.

Bangladeshi players celebrating the increase in their worth
Bangladeshi players celebrating the increase in their worth

While everyone is waiting to see who the government sides with, some senior married Bangladesh cricketers openly show their disappointment upon having lost their opportunities to haggle their way to cars as opposed to the Honda Activa that they all ended up getting. One senior cricketer who wishes to remain nameless has informed that the Bangladesh cricket board might be helping the players unionize in return for twenty percent of the dowry money in a hope to finally be able to build the popcorn stand that the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium has been missing.

“It is all about the SWAG” says Mustafizur after being asked what suddenly changed in the way the dowry negotiations were happening around the country. All the additional ‘SWAG’ seems to have been coming from the recent series win over South Africa led by Hashim Amla, who for the first time looked frazzled while being interviewed and called the permanent captain ‘Baby de Villers’ for having skipped the series. “Breaking Amla was pretty awesome” said the former captain Sakib, openly flaunting his swagger.

Whether the fathers of single women in Bangladesh will give in to these demands, is the question that the entire cricketing world is asking. Only time will tell whether the current players will have their way.