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Bailey asks Aussie team to score less than 300 runs

31, Oct 2013 By maximus

After losing back to back matches when his team had scored 350+ runs, George bailey has urged his team mates not to score more than 300 runs in a match.

He asked his team mates not to get carried away after seeing a juicy full toss ball or a seductive half trackers by the cunning Indian fast bowlers.

In the team meeting these were his words : “It is a well known fact that the all conquering Aussie team was also ahead of the curve when it came to playing mind games. In fact they believed in frustrating the opponents to such an extent that they simply surrender to the brilliant tactics. So guys we need to make these guys complacent by scoring less than 300 and then we shall catch them napping.”

Australian coach Darren Lehman who himself used to be a master of the technique patrons the argument in a press conference with these words, “It is all in the mind. If we score 350 runs, indian batsmen come under pressure and they concentrate real hard. Even LORD Rohit who believes in giving away his wicket to his followers without much ado plays uncharacteristically.”

But the bowling unit of Australia have different take on the matters. When asked for the reason of such dismal performance they unanimously said that they are victims of conspiracy by Indian captain Dhoni. They said that Dhoni makes sure that his batsmen are made to bowl in Australian innings and when they are thrashed to all corners of the field he laughs in their faces making them all charged up and hungry for revenge.

Though this strategy has failed miserably with Raina and Yuvraj but it has worked wonders with Kohli hence we all can see that Kohli is the first one to be given ball as soon as Indian mainstream bowlers have got the Australian batsmen well set on the pitch.

 On the other hand winning captain has rubbished all such claims. He says that he believes in secular Indian team where players are not differentiated on the basis of skills. He believes in giving equal opportunity to every one and by every one that applies to next in line lord – Ishant Sharma also.

But the wikileak sources from Indian dressing room have told on the obvious terms of anonymity that Dhoni deliberately wants opposition to score huge so that he gets a chance to score the winning runs which by the way is his birth right. It is a necessary evil as Dhoni bats at number 6 and a score below 320 would not get him a chance to play and that is why he persists with the likes of Ishant sharma and Piyush chawla.

In the meantime trauma queen Ekta Kapoor has asked her writers to take inspiration from Dhoni as he has the god’s gift to introduce melodramatic emotions in any given match.